The EU-project NANORIGO (NANOtechnology RIsk Governance) aims to develop and implement a transparent, transdisciplinary and science-based Risk Governance Framework (RGF) for nanotechnology.

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NANORIGO is an EU funded project (under the heading of the Horizon 2020 programme), including 28 research institutes, industry, regulatory and civil society organisations. In the period from 2019 to 2023, NANORIGO’s stated aim is to ‘develop a comprehensive and reliable risk governance framework for nanotechnologies (RGF), for managing possible risks associated with nanomaterials, facilitate future innovations, while assuring social, environmental and economic benefits.’

Within NANORIGO Bureau KLB is active in several work packages. Bureau KLB is specifically responsible for the organisation of and discussions with the Users Committee (UC) and for carrying out a case study in nano risk governance.